Celtic music but with a experimental bend too?


Rockin’ Daddy asked:

Any recommendations for someone who always enjoys celtic-tinged music like Dead Can Dance and Lorenna McKennit, but with some sense of moving it more forward, perhaps with an experimental element or progressive leanings. I know about Delerium but they seem too dance-pop. Any names to investigate, please?
I like all the suggestions so far, esp. ‘Culann’s Hound’ since I know about C├║chulainn and Irish mythology. Can’t wait to try these… and others.

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I like Altan, but it’s more dominantly Irish.


Check out CDbaby.com – they have a whole selection and you can sample any you want.


Check out “Blackmore’s Night” It has become one of my favorites. Also, “Clannad”, “Enya” and “Moira”

My son likes “Ayreon” but they are more like TSO (Trans Siberian Orchestra) with some slight Celtic influence.


2 bands i really enjoy
Culann’s Hounds ( out of San Francisco,CA)
and Ockhams Razor ( from Seattle, WA)

they both have myspace pages


I really like Anuna. Celtic Cross is pretty good too, but they’re a little more indie. Hope you like!

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